Rates are:

 Quoted in US Dollars ($), subject to availability and quoted per room
 Maximum of 2 guests per room, with an extra fee of $20 for the second guest
 Inclusive of accommodation/bed, breakfast, and 18% VAT.
 Additional charges are to be settled directly. Room rates are subject to
change without prior notice.

Child Policy

This policy applies to all children from 0-3 years old.
 Children 0 to 3 are accommodated on a complimentary basis when sharing
with 2 adults.
 A maximum of 1 child under 3 years old can be accommodated with 2
adults in an Executive Suite.
 Children of all ages are welcome, however, children between 0 and 12
must be in the company of and supervised by an adult at all times.

Booking and Payment Policy:

All bookings made with Saphir Boutique Hotel will be regarded as
confirmed unless requested otherwise at the time of booking.
 Any discrepancies on the confirmation or invoice must be addressed with
reservations within 7days of the issue. Provisional bookings are subject
to availability i.e., should we have limited rooms available, only confirmed
bookings will be accepted.
 Bookings made less than 30 days prior to arrival will be held for a
maximum of 48 hours.
 Bookings made 30-90 days prior to arrival will be held for a maximum of 7
working days.
 Bookings made more than 90 days prior to arrival will be held for a
maximum of 14 working days.
 A 50% deposit payment is required at the time of booking. Full prepayment is required 30 days or less prior to arrival.

Group Bookings and Payment Policy:

This policy applies to bookings of ten (10) or more adults.
 A 10% non-refundable deposit may be requested at the time of booking in
order to secure rooms, depending on the season. Provisional reservations
made more than 60days prior to arrival will be held for a maximum of 14
days, thereafter it will automatically be released.
 Full pre-payment (100%), final roaming lists, and requirements to be
received 30 days prior to arrival.
 Reservations made less than 30 days prior to arrival will require full prepayment at the time of booking.

Provision, hand-over and return of guest rooms:

The customer does not acquire a claim to the provision of a certain room.
 Booked rooms are available from 2 p.m. on the agreed day of arrival. There
is no claim to earlier availability. Unless a later time of arrival has
expressly been agreed or the given room has been paid for in advance, the
hotel may make alternative arrangements for the booked room after 6 p.m.
without giving rise to a claim by the customer against it.
 The room shall be vacated no later than 11 a.m. on the agreed day of
departure. Unless the room is vacated by that hour, the hotel may, if it is
vacated by 4 p.m., charge 50% of the full room rate for its use beyond the
hour contracted for and the full room rate beyond that hour. This does not
give rise to any contractual claims of the customer.


You must conduct yourself in a reasonable and responsible manner at all
times when on Hotel property and must not act in any way which may
disturb other guests. If you do not, we may ask you to leave the Hotel and,
in that case, you must immediately pay us all sums due.
 Smoking is not permitted anywhere on Hotel grounds, except in the
designated area of our restaurant/bar. This includes the smoking of
cigarettes. If you do not comply, we may charge you for any and all costs
we incur in cleaning the room (including, but not limited to, fixtures,
fittings and soft furnishings) and restoring it to a smoke-free environment.

You must not

bring any animals or pets into the Hotel, with the exception
of assistance or guide dogs;
B. bring any potentially dangerous or hazardous materials or
equipment on Hotel grounds;
C. use any electrical appliances that may set off fire alarm
system, such as toasters, mini cookers or portable grills;
D. tamper with any fire alarms or emergency equipment;utilize any Hotel rooms to store items (personal or otherwise)
which could in our sole opinion cause damage to any Hotel
room, or be a risk to the health and safety of our staff or
F. prevent our management, housekeeping and/or maintenance
staff from having access to your room as and when required,
with housekeeping being permitted full access at least once
every two days;
G. remove, damage or destroy any Hotel property;
H. use any technology provided by us to download or access
any unlawful or obscene material;
I. or cause unreasonable disturbance to any other guests or
 We will charge you for any and all damage caused by you to any Hotel
property during your stay.
 All of the above rules will also apply to members of your party and your
guests and you shall be liable for any breach of the above rules by any of
 If you or your group cause damage or loss of any kind to the Hotel, other
guests or their property, you as the Guest who is making the booking will
be responsible for that damage or loss and you shall be liable to pay to us
on demand the amount required to make good or remedy such damage or loss.


Unless we specifically state otherwise, food and drinks are not included in
any Rate(s) for bedroom accommodation and unless we have specifically
stated or do state otherwise.
 If you or any of your party or guests have any special dietary requirements,
you should inform us of them in advance of your arrival. We will use all
reasonable endeavors to accommodate those requirements and, where this
is not possible, tell you that we are unable to do so
 We will tell you times of meals when you arrive.

 Objects left behind are sent on only at the customer’s request, risk, and
costs. The hotel shall safe-keep such objects for a period of 3 months after
communicating the find to the entitled party or the competent authority.
Upon the expiry of that time limit, the finder acquires ownership of the object
if the identity of the entitled party has not been established or if that party
has failed to file his/her claim with the competent authority.
 Requests for wake-up calls are attended to with the diligence of a prudent
businessman. Messages, mail, and deliveries addressed to guests are
handled with care. The hotel shall deliver and/or store such items and shall,
on request and for charge, send them on.
Cancellations and No-Shows:
 Only written cancellations will be accepted.
 Ensure to receive an acknowledgment of cancellations from reservations.
 There will be a one-night cancellation fee charged if canceled 24 hours
before arrival.
 No-shows will be penalized for one night’s accommodation.
 Saphir Boutique Hotel reserves the right to release bookings should
payment not be received by the requested date.
 Saphir Boutique Hotel reserves the right to amend all rates without prior
notice. Additionally, only the rates shown on your confirmation email
and/or letter shall be considered.
 Saphir Boutique Hotel retains the right to admit or remove any guests
whose behavior negatively impacts the hotel property, other guests, and/or